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Fic: Memories

Fic: Memories
Author: Lis (aranel@ptd.net)
Beta: ayerlind_fic (mine - you're not getting her)
Fandom: Four Brothers
Pairing: Bobby/Jack implied
Rating: PG
Summary: Evelyn recounts memories of her sons
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. They are still copyrighted by Paramount Pictures. I do however own the plot of this story.
Authors Notes: This came about thanks to newtoyou and her wonderful Fic100. Thanks for making me think about the topics *grins* I need to also thank Jamie for being my rock and salvation, Karie Chaos for being there when I have problems I can't quite figure out during a plot and generally showing me what I do wrong. Ayerlind…you know what I think, Babe. Hope you enjoy this.

Prompt # 96 Writer's Choice. I chose Memories


We all have memories. My sons are the best ones I have. Each of my sons has their own memories, but not my oldest. My oldest son, Bobby Mercer, holds not only his memories, but also those of his youngest brother, Jack.

Bobby remembers his childhood as scattered with drug deals and starvation. He remembers the many foster homes that he has gone through, and then his placement with me. He remembers the first realization that he was home for good after the adoption hearing, which I remember also. He also remembers the other children coming in and out of my house, and those that have stayed. Bobby remembers the adjustments of Jerry then Angel coming to live with us, and then me adopting them also.

Angel remembers the constant turn of women and men through the front door of his first home. He remembers being beaten when telling his parents about the others' infidelity. He remembers running away after that, leading him into foster care and my home.

Jeremiah remembers the foster homes that used him for the checks. He remembers learning to fight when his peers tortured him for being different and living in my house. Thankfully, though, Jeremiah does not remember his parents leaving him to die outside when he was an infant.

Jack, however, remembers too much for a boy his age. He remembers a father who would beat both Jack and his mother. He remembers the agonizing divorce and the brutal beatings his suffered from his mother, who blamed him for the divorce. Jack remembers the constant stream of drugs and random men who came into the dingy apartment that he lived in with his mother. More than that, he remembers the rapes from his mother's men when she was too high or drunk to have sex with them, and they used Jack. After that came the beatings from his mother when she found out what went on the night before.

Jack isn't the only one who remembers those things. Bobby remembers them just as clearly as he does. Bobby didn't live through them physically, though. He remembers them because Jack gave him every detail. I would hear them during the night, Jack asking Bobby if he could stay in his bedroom, and Bobby grumbling, yet always accommodating his baby brother. Hours were spent talking while the house was quiet, though Jack was scared out of his mind by the nightmares. He was still telling Bobby everything, as if Bobby could make it go away.

We all have our memories of Bobby getting arrested when Jack was almost seventeen. Some say it was a drug deal that Bobby got caught in, but Jack seems to think differently. I don't know what Jack remembers about that night, but I do remember the words Jack said to Bobby before they hung up one night, which warmed my heart. I think it hit something in Bobby also, because he hasn't been arrested again and Jack has been at his side ever since.

"Thank you for making the nightmares go away, Bobby. I love you."

The End

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