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How Cracker Jack got his name:

-How Cracker Jack got his name:-


I am sitting beside Jack watching the replays of the hockey game from last night. I was still bitter about my team the Red Wings losing against the Flyers, when I heard a low, but demanding growl coming from my stomache. 'Damn,' I thought, 'I just ate like an hour ago!'

Jack looks at me and grins that creepy-joker grin, then says, "Dude...didn't you JUST eat an hour ago?"

I only grunt at him, as I try to ignore the sound coming from my stomache that reminded me of a grizzly bear waking from hybernation. Some time went by, but the sound had only increased. I just sigh, as I get up to head to the kitchen, and fill my demanding stomache. I can hear Jacks' laughter echo out into the kitchen as I walk. 'Man, he has a creepy ass laugh..' I thought as I rumaged through the cabinets in search of a snack.

'Hm..Doritios? Nah. Cheez Its? Jack would kill for eating them. They were his. Ooh, Cracker Jacks!'

As I start heading back into the living room, to my claimed seat besides Jack, I noticed something. 'Cracker Jacks. Cracker. Jack.' I thought, then looked up at Jack, who was now lounging his long-lanky legs on the coffee table. 'Oh, my God...haha..' It hit me then, and sent me into hysterics. I couldn't control the bubble of laughter that edged its way up and out of my throat. I began laughing so hard, tears started to roll down my cheeks.

By this time, Jack was looking at me like I was insane. And it only made me laugh harder. He kept asking, "Bobby, what the fuck is so funny?". But I couldn't seem to get it out,

"I just...haha..I *gasp* haha..*wheez*..oh fuck, Jackie." I laughed for a good 10 minutes, with Jack just staring at me, continuously asking, "What the fuck is your problem?".

My laughter finally started to ease, so I pulled myself together, walked over in front of Jack, and said, "Cracker a cracker named Jack!" Which made me giggle some more.

He looks at me, and says, "What the hell is so funny abou...oh...haha". As the joke kicked in.

We then laughed and giggled over my corny joke for a good hour or so. It felt good to laugh, for we have had a rough past few weeks. It was our first decent laugh since Ma passed. It made me more grateful to whichever angel was gaurding my Jackie during that shoot out.


Two weeks have gone by since then, and now here I was watching Jackie sleep soundly in his bed. '*Sigh* He always looks so peaceful when he's I really going to ruin this?' I thought to myself. 'Of course I am.'

I grinned my wolfish grin, as I grabbed Jack by his ankles, then pulled with all my might, while shouting, "Rise and Shine, Cracker Jaaack!"

I hear the distinctive mumbles of a guy who didn't want to be woken up. The 'Five more minutes,' and the 'Go 'way!'

After succesfully pulling him out of his bed, and onto the floor, he goes, "So what, no more fairy nickname teasing anymore?"

At first, I didn't know what he meant. But then I got it, and I teased, "Oh no, you're still a damn fairy. Haha, Cracker Jack the fairy." As I ruffled my hand through his blonde-brown mess of hair.

He replied to me by saying, "Oh. Thats just great. Thanks Bobby. No, really. Thanks." Every word oozing with saracasm. "Why did you wake me up again, Bobby?" he questioned.

"Well," I began to reply, "Angel is coming to visit us in about an hour, and I figured that you and I could...surpise him."

He groans, "Aw Bobby..what now?"

"I need Cracker Jack, the Boy Wonder, to help me, Sir Michigan Mauler, fight against Nitro and Midnight when they get here. We're having a snowball fight." I answered easily.

"Nitro and Midnight? Wow. You're full of nicknames lately, aren't you? And where the hell did 'Boy Wonder' come from?" He asked, while getting up and following me into the kitchen.

I laugh and say, "Oh boy, you sure do wonder a lot."

He is laughing by now. I can always make this guy laugh. "Oh...heeere we go again!" Jack says sarcastically. "So how do you plan on 'suprising' them anyhow?" He questions me.


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