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Author: ruby-red-robin
Title: Tattoo
Prompt #: 96. writer's choice
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Bobby/Jack if you squint hard enough
Summary: Jack’s tattoo on the right handside of his chest is the Chinese sign for harmony, or is it.
Warnings: slash.
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine, no profit made and definitely no harm intended.

Bobby was leaning against the cold brick wall in a dark alley, catching his breath after himself and his two youngest brothers had bolted from the bar, when the police arrived. He knew that they really shouldn’t have started that fight, as there was no way now they would be welcome in that bar again. But then again, why would they want to go back there, if the regulars had nothing good to say about Probert*? Ignorant arseholes.

Bobby looked up at Angel and Jack a small feeling of pride running through him, thinking back on how his little brothers were capable of holding their own in a fight by now. He would never say as much to them, but it didn’t stop him from feeling proud nonetheless. When he looked over to Jack, he noticed that Jack’s shirt was ripped from the fight and in the process was showing off what seemed to be his youngest brother newest tattoo. He frowned for a moment trying to make out what it was, before his eyebrows rose slightly in realization.

“Jesus, Jackie. I mean I can understand if you want to tell people to fuck off, but to get it tattooed onto your chest?! Even I wouldn’t be that stupid.”
His comment was met by a confused frown on Jack’s face.

“What the hell are you talking about, Bobby?” Jack’s low voice was heard. Bobby cocked an eyebrow at him and reached one hand out, gently poking the tattoo on Jack’s right chest. “’F’ and ‘O’, short for ‘Fuck Off’.” Bobby elaborated, drawing a chocked laugh from Angel, who was standing behind him.

Jack looked down at his chest, where Bobby’s finger was still lingering and then back up at Bobby, shaking his head softly, an annoyed sigh on his lips. “You’re a moron, Bobby! That’s the Chinese sign for harmony.”

“Only moron here is you princess.” Bobby deadpanned. “Last time I checked you didn’t speak Chinese, nor did you even know anyone who does. So why get something tattooed that you can’t read?! Based on our language’s script that is a freaking F and an O; not fucking harmony.” Jack just shook his head at Bobby, before he walked off without another word, Bobby and Angel trailing not far behind him.

If Jack’s actions were anything to go by, Bobby knew he was in Jack’s bad books and there was nothing he hated more. He inwardly cringed, when Jack went straight up the stairs not even waiting for the front door to close behind Bobby. He heard the soft click of Jack’s door, but if he had learned something about the younger man over time, it was that it was best to give him some space, even if just for a few minutes to calm down before approaching him, unless of course you were after having a seriously upset, emotional Jack on your hands.

So instead of going right after Jack, likes his guts tried to convince him to do, Bobby rolled his head from side to side, groaning softly at the tension relieving cracking sound emitting from his neck and headed straight down the corridor to the kitchen, where Angel was already standing over the sink cooling his bruised knuckles under the ice cold flow of water coming from the tap.

Bobby walked into the storage room right behind the kitchen and grabbed a bag of ice from the freezer, breaking a few of the cubes out of the pack onto an old tea towel. He knew from experience that putting ice onto your knuckles whether they were badly bruised or not, helped keeping any swelling down. So he gently wrapped the ice filled tea towel around his left hand and grabbed a soda with his right out of the fridge, making his way into the living room, where he could hear the television running.

He grabbed a handful of crisps from the bag Jerry was holding and while unceremoniously stuffing the handful into his mouth, let himself drop onto the sofa. His eyes were fixed on the television, but he wouldn’t have been able to tell what he was watching. He was really just waiting to hear Jack come back downstairs and join them, relieve Bobby from the gnawing feeling he had at the back of his mind that he had pissed his little brother off properly this time, facing a week of silent treatment. He wouldn’t say anything about it and he would definitely not ask Jack what was wrong, in the end he would already know that his little brother was too sensitive for his own well being and Bobby’s at that. He would be moody, never be home, get drunk and into fights, until Jack would give in and forgive him for whatever stupid thing he said to him. Bobby hated those times and even though he wouldn’t show it, most likely even tease Jack about it shortly after, he would still be relieved when Jack forgave him, which was most times.

“Booby, cut it out!” Jerry had just been hit in the head by another half molten ice cube courtesy of his older brother. Bobby groaned, running a hand over his face, before looking at his watch. Two and a half hours. This was not good, if he didn’t want to face a week of pouting Jack, he had to at least try and make amends, no matter if he was right with what he had said or not.

He quietly got up and got a new batch of ice cubes in a tea towel, before making his way up the stairs. He knocked gently on Jack’s door, hardly audible for himself, before turning the knob and pushing the door open to an empty room with the window pushed up, the curtains moving slowly in the draft. Closing the door behind him, he crossed the room in a few strides climbing through the window, his feet hitting the roof shingles with a silent thud. The sweet smell of cigarette drifting towards him wasn’t a surprise, although with their mother’s window being right next to Jack’s he wondered how the younger one always got away with it.

He watched Jack for a moment from where he was still leaning against the window. He knew that Jack must have heard him, but he still had his back turned to Bobby, not even attempting to acknowledge him. Moving forward to sit next to Jack, Bobby noticed how Jack was studying his bruised and scratched knuckles. He wordlessly placed the ice filled tea towel on Jack’s hands, finally receiving a flicker of blue eyes and a thankful smile that vanished as quickly as it had tugged on Jack’s thin, pale lips.

He stared blankly ahead of him, his mind empty, not sure how or where to start or if he should just go back inside instead. He took a long drag from the cigarette he had lightened out of habit.

“Maybe you are not that far off, ‘cause I suppose, if you tell someone to fuck off, you usually get your peace or... harmony, if you want.” He spat the word ‘harmony’ out, hating the sound of it. He was grateful for the family he had now and he understood that Jack most likely associated harmony with this family. Bobby understood it, but ever doubting Bobby, also believed in karma being set on making him suffer, so instead of screaming his luck to the world, rejoicing and being happy about what he finally got, he preferred to defend it instead, fight for it.

Whenever you have something good, enjoy it as long as it lasts, because there is always an end in sight. And Bobby really didn’t want to be reminded of the end that would eventually come to his happiness. He didn’t want to think of it, he wanted to ignore that inevitable end and just savour what he had in quiet; but Jack wasn’t Bobby. He wanted to show his happiness that being a Mercer brought him to the world, end in sight or not.

Jack looked over to Bobby at the low words spoken into the dark evening sky. His eyes lightened up and a smirk spread over his face like a fire before he broke out into a loud laugh, leaning back so he would not to fall off the front roof. Bobby smiled lightly around the cigarette between his lips at the deep rumbling of Jack’s laughter, relieved to see Jack happy again and when Jack inched closer to him, almost close enough for their shoulders to touch, his knee definitely brushing Jack’s, when moving his leg restlessly, he promised himself that he would do anything to hold onto this, to his happiness and peace and harmony, no matter what and Karma could go fuck off.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

*I have absolutely no knowledge of hockey whatsoever, but took this name from the hockey jersey Bobby is wearing for the Turkey Cup in the movie. (After looking him up on Wikipedia, it seems normal that Bobby would wear his jersey. ^_~ )

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